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5 Venison Recipes From QDMA’s Field to Fork Events

When Charles Evans and I created the pilot project in 2016 that would become QDMA’s Field to Fork program, we tried a novel approach for reaching non-hunting adults who might be interested in learning to hunt for food. We reserved a booth at the Athens, Georgia farmer’s market and set up an impressive spread of …

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10 Essential Tools for Home Deer Processing

There’s a chance COVID-19 could affect this coming hunting season in ways you haven’t thought about yet, like making it tougher to find a meat processor who is accepting deer. Interruptions in the food-supply chain are shifting lots of work to local processors, which is good for them, but it might mean they don’t have …

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Video: How to Debone Venison Shoulders and Hindquarters

Dr. Karl V. Miller and his wife Renee know their way around a whitetail about as well as any two people in North America, especially when it comes to preparing venison for the table. Karl, a professor of deer management at the University of Georgia and head of the UGA Deer Lab, has studied, hunted, …

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Do-It-Yourself Deer Processing

Moving to Auburn, Alabama to begin graduate school last fall brought about quite a few changes in the way I hunt. It was the first year I was away from my family’s farm in North Carolina. While I was able to hunt the farm a couple of times during 2017, most of my hunting was …

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