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Venison Recipes

Looking for a great venison recipe to impress your family, friends or neighbors. We have you covered!

5 Venison Recipes From NDA’s Field to Fork Events

When Charles Evans and I created the pilot project in 2016 that would become NDA’s Field to Fork program, we tried a novel approach for reaching non-hunting adults who might be interested in learning to hunt for food. We reserved a booth at the Athens, Georgia farmer’s market and set up an impressive spread of …

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Venison Wellington With A Wreath Twist

As hunters, we are forever grateful when we can fill our freezers with venison. However, usually after the third or fourth round of venison burger, we are looking to get creative with the rest of our harvest! One of my family’s favorite winter recipes is a slight twist on the typical Beef Wellington. Although usually …

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Roasted Mediterranean Venison Backstrap

We’ve all heard it before. You know the phrase. The one that nearly all hunters have heard when they bring up how excited they are to fill the freezer with venison. “I can’t eat deer, it’s too gamey.” Yep, that’s the one. While I certainly understand why some folks may be hesitant to try venison, …

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Loaded Venison Scrambled Eggs Recipe

As hunters, we all know the importance of a hot, home-cooked breakfast after a long, cold morning in the woods. For many, this is another integral part of the deer hunting experience and camaraderie that we look forward to every year at deer camp. Some of my best memories from deer camp come from not …

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