Ask QDMA: When is a Buck Mature Enough to Kill?

Brian Herring of South Carolina sent in this Ask QDMA query: “When is a buck mature enough to shoot? And, with a lot of it’s-brown-it’s-down hunters nearby, is passing the buck actually worth it? What’s not a trophy to one person could be a giant to another, so do you make them pass on their first big buck because it’s not big enough for you? I’m torn on these questions and could use some advice.”

These are very important questions for anyone practicing Quality Deer Management, and Lindsay Thomas Jr., editor of QDMA’s Quality Whitetails magazine, answered each of them in the short video shown below.

Protect Most of The Yearling Bucks

To increase the number of bucks in the woods in older age groups, QDMA encourages hunters to protect most or all of the yearling bucks (1½ years old). After that, it’s up to each individual hunter to decide what age they’d like to target, and it’s best to start low and work your way up, gaining experience as you go. It’s also best not to force other hunters to jump to advanced levels of buck management if they’re not ready. They should also be afforded the opportunity to start with younger bucks and work their way up. QDMA even suggests that young or new hunters be allowed to take any buck, even a yearling if that’s their desire. As long as most yearlings are surviving to see another season, buck age structure will continue to improve.

Enjoy the video, share it with other hunters, and if you have additional questions of your own, send them to us through Ask QDMA!

When Is A Buck Mature Enough to Kill? Ask QDMAWhen is a buck mature enough to kill? And is it worth passing yearling bucks if your neighbors don’t? In this #AskQDMA video, Lindsay Thomas Jr. answers two related questions from Brian Herring of South Carolina.

Posted by The Quality Deer Management Association on Monday, September 19, 2016