Ask QDMA: How To Hunt a Buck With a Split Home Range

Grant Kapinus recently contacted us through Ask QDMA with this interesting scenario: “I recently had two very good bucks show up on my trail-cameras. One buck seems to have a relatively small home range of 50 to 60 acres judging from trail-cameras positioned around the 1,000-acre property. The other buck showed up on multiple cameras in spots about 2 miles apart in a straight line. This is making it difficult to pattern this deer. Between the two sections of this buck’s home range, I have a food plot planted in cool-season forage. Is this a good place to intercept this buck? Thanks for the help in advance!”

Kip Adams, a certified wildlife biologist and our Director of Education & Outreach, supplied an answer for Grant in the video shown below. Kip shares some information from GPS-collar research showing what we know about the variation in buck home-range size. He also shares an example from research of a buck with a divided home range, much like the one Grant describes in his question. Using all this, and what we know about buck behaviors in response to hunting pressure, Kip provides Grant with some advice on hunting the food plot.

Buck Home Ranges and Food Plot Hunting Tactics – #AskQDMAWe received an interesting #AskQDMA question from Grant Kapinus about two bucks with very different home ranges and how Grant might use food plots to hunt them. Kip Adams shares his response in this video.

Posted by The Quality Deer Management Association on Thursday, August 25, 2016