Bottled Bucks – Map 2


Bottled Bucks No. 2
The only thing better for a stand site than a single well-used runway is a second one crossing it! The crosshairs effect can bring twice as many bucks by a stand, and I found just such a place where an old farm lane cut between two adjacent wood lots. The only problem was that deer had several crossing options on a lengthy woodline. In this situation, I used edge-feathering along the lane and small field to funnel bucks through one main runway. I tipped over trees along the woodline and then used a tractor and loader to swing them around parallel with the field edge, creating a living fence that completely stopped the erratic travel patterns. The small field in a pocket just west of the stand is a food plot, and rutting bucks naturally check this area while traveling between bedding areas, so activity can be heavy here. After feathering the field edge, I went from being frustrated to harvesting two beautiful bucks with my bow at this site.

Bottled Bucks – Map 1 and Introduction

Bottled Bucks – Map 3

Bottled Bucks – Map 4