Bottled Bucks – Map 3


Bottled Bucks No. 3
This funnel was naturally capable of bottlenecking deer, but for years I neglected to hunt it or monitor it with a trail-camera because it seemed too close to a road. A few years back, however, I decided to place a trail-camera and find out for certain if anything was using the funnel. I was not disappointed! A naturally steep ravine created a narrow area of cover that deer could travel through, and both trail-camera photos and hunting observations gave me assurance that travel was heavy. The only problem was that some deer chose to take a short-cut by jumping a fence along the road, following the southwestern edge of the timber, and by-passing my stand on the ravine. I set out to fix that problem. First, I hinge-cut a stand of young shingle oaks that had sprung up over the years along the field edge. Then I placed a few cattle panels in a strategic location along the barb-wire fence to present an obstacle and prevent jumping. Finally, I lowered the barb-wire fence in another location just a few yards to the north. Deer soon opted for crossing where I had lowered the fence. This gave me a more productive site for trail-camera monitoring, and it increased the number of encounters at the stand along the ravine.

Bottled Bucks – Map 1 and Introduction

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