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Heavy vs. Light Arrows: Which Are Better for Deer Hunting?

For decades now, bowhunters have seemingly been on a quest to own the fastest shooting bow possible. During that time, manufacturers often touted their bows’ IBO or ATA speeds above all other features, and hunters gladly handed over their hard-earned dollars for whichever models posted the highest numbers for that year. The quest for speed …

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9 Features to Look For in Women’s Hunting Apparel

If you are an avid female hunter, then you know proper hunting gear can make or break your hunting experience. I grew up hunting in my dad’s hand-me-downs. They worked just fine… for sitting still in a treestand under fair-weather conditions. But my hunting obsession has taken me from simply sitting to taking long hikes …

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3 More Reasons Deer Hunting Equals Conservation

In December 2020, I shed some light on the substantial economic importance of deer hunting in the southeastern United States by highlighting a few interesting facts from a project called the Southeast Deer Partnership. As a quick refresher, the Southeast Deer Partnership (SDP) is comprised of state and federal governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations such as …

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The Most Difficult Deer to Hunt May Not Be Carrying Antlers

My latest affair with a beautiful and wicked-smart female came to a bittersweet end on December 26, 2019. I won’t forget Blondie, the lessons she taught me, and the experiences we shared. Don’t worry, my wife knows all about this affair and approves. More accurately, she puts up with my annual obsession.  It started in …

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Shed Hunting Tips by Region, Part 2: Midwest

I had never read a comprehensive article with shed-hunting strategies for specific regions of the whitetail’s range. So, I wrote one! I interviewed six shed-hunting nuts from the Midwest, Mississippi River Valley, Deep South, Appalachian Mountains, Northeast, and the Northern Great Plains. Let’s look at what Evan Lawler of Missouri had to say about shed …

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