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Shed Hunting Tips by Region, Part 2: Midwest

I had never read a comprehensive article with shed-hunting strategies for specific regions of the whitetail’s range. So, I wrote one! I interviewed six shed-hunting nuts from the Midwest, Mississippi River Valley, Deep South, Appalachian Mountains, Northeast, and the Northern Great Plains. Let’s look at what Evan Lawler of Missouri had to say about shed …

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Shed Hunting Tips by Region, Part 1: Deep South

It’s winter, and soon it will seem like everyone is posting grip-and-grin photos on social media of massive shed antlers they are finding. This is an exciting time of year for avid shed hunters but an equally frustrating time if you aren’t looking for sheds in the right spot. I’ve learned that your shed-hunting strategy …

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NDA Teams Up With Daniel Defense and NSSF on a Field to Fork Hunt

The National Deer Association’s Field to Fork program has discovered an untapped reserve of adults who are interested in deer hunting but need an invitation and a helping hand to get started. One of the most easily reachable sources of these new hunters is surprisingly close to the hunting world: employees of the firearms and …

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8 Worthy New Year’s Resolutions for Deer Hunters

A new year always brings with it a mix of emotions for me. I’m saddened because it marks the final days of Georgia’s deer season, but at the same time I love the feeling of a fresh start — the opportunity to reboot and strive to do things a little better than you did the …

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