Turn in Poachers graphicMost states provide toll-free hotlines for reporting poaching activity. Dr. Stephen Webb and Dr. Aaron Haines, authors of “To Catch a Poacher” in the December 2012-Jaunary 2013 issue of Quality Whitetails, compiled the list of numbers and websites below.

To help your local conservation officers anytime you witness a poaching incident, collect the following information:
• vehicle make and model
• license plate number
• suspect description
• location (GPS coordinates or address)

When collecting information on poaching suspects, stay a safe distance and do not put yourself in harm’s way.

State Name of Program / Website Phone (Tipline)
Alabama Operation Game Watch 1-800-272-4263
Alaska Fish and Wildlife Safeguard 1-800-478-3377
Arizona Operation Game Thief 1-800-352-0700
Arkansas Turn in Poachers 1-800-482-9262
California Cal-TIP 1-888-343-2258
Colorado Operation Game Thief 1-877-265-6648
Connecticut Turn in Poachers 1-800-842-3333
Delaware Operation Game Thief 1-800-292-3030
Florida Wildlife Alert Program 1-888-404-3922
Georgia Ranger Hotline 1-800-241-4113
Hawaii No official program 1-808-587-0077
Idaho Citizens Against Poaching 1-800-632-5999
Illinois Target Illinois Poachers 1-877-236-7529
Indiana Turn in a Poacher or Polluter 1-800-847-4367
Iowa Turn in Poachers 1-800-532-2020
Kansas Operation Game Thief 1-877-426-3843
Kentucky Eyes and Ears on Kentucky 1-800-252-5378
Louisiana Operation Game Thief 1-800-442-2511
Maine Operation Game Thief 1-800-253-7887
Maryland Catch A Poacher 1-800-653-6124
Massachusetts No official program; Website 1-800-632-8075
Michigan Report All Poaching 1-800-292-7800
Minnesota Turn in Poachers 1-800-652-9093
Mississippi Report a Violation 1-800-237-6278
Missouri Operation Game Thief 1-800-392-1111
Montana TIP-MONT 1-800-847-6668
Nebraska Nebraska Wildlife Crime Stoppers 1-800-742-7627
Nevada Operation Game Thief 1-800-992-3030
New Hampshire Operation Game Thief 1-800-344-4262
New Jersey Operation Game Thief 1-800-222-0456
New Mexico Operation Game Thief 1-800-432-4263
New York TIPP DEC 1-800-847-7332
North Carolina No official program; Website 1-800-662-7137
North Dakota Report all Poaching 1-800-472-2121
Ohio Turn in a Poacher, Inc 1-800-762-2437
Oklahoma Operation Game Thief 1-800-522-8039
Oregon Turn-in-Poachers 1-800-452-7888
Pennsylvania Turn in a Poacher Program 1-888-742-8001
Rhode Island No official program; Website 401-222-3070
South Carolina Operation Game Thief 1-800-922-5431
South Dakota Turn in Poachers 1-888-683-7224
Tennessee No official program; Website 1-800-831-1174
Texas Operation Game Thief 1-800-792-4263
Utah Report a Poacher 1-800-662-3337
Vermont Operation Game Thief 1-800-752-5378
Virginia Report a Wildlife Violation 1-800-237-5712
Washington Turn in a Poacher 1-877-933-9847
West Virginia Report a Natural Resources Crime 1-800-638-4263
Wisconsin DNR Violation Hotline 1-800-847-9367
Wyoming Stop Poaching 1-877-943-3847