Venison Recipes

Looking for a great venison recipe to impress your family, friends or neighbors. We have you covered!

Loaded Venison Scrambled Eggs Recipe

As hunters, we all know the importance of a hot, home-cooked breakfast after a long, cold morning in the woods. For many, this is another integral part of the deer hunting experience and camaraderie that we look forward to every year at deer camp. Some of my best memories from deer camp come from not …

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Spring Tonic Salad With Deer Heart and Morels

According to Southern Appalachian folklore, blood “falls” in the winter and “rises” in the summer. Come spring, in order to force one’s blood to start percolating again, a spring tonic was necessary. I’m not sure about the validity of my ancestors’ medical theories, but I do believe that a spring tonic salad is a marvelous …

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Hunt & Gather: Clean Out the Freezer Stew

The other day, I took a tour through our freezer and discovered a quartered gray squirrel from February, turkey wing meat from the fall of 2018 (yikes), and just two packages of roasts among our venison stash. The thought occurred to me that now would be a prime time to ask Elaine to prepare some …

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Hunt & Gather: Venison Burger with Wild Watercress Potatoes and Dandelion Salad

In mid-to-late winter and early spring on the 38 acres Elaine and I live on, I perform many of the typical tasks NDA members do: look for sheds of the never-seen buck that made all those huge rubs, conduct various timber stand improvement (TSI) tasks, cut firewood, and do something atypical – gather two wild …

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