Whitetails are the most studied – and hunted – wildlife species in North America. The National Deer Association helps fund scientific research that can help you be a more effective hunter and deer manager, and we’ll share the latest knowledge with our members.

Can Ticks Affect Antler Development?

Recently someone asked me if ticks had been known to affect antler development, and then I captured the pair of photos above on my trail-camera. That prompted me to give this question more thought. The relative number of parasites on a deer is referred to as a “burden” by scientists. In at least one scientific …

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The Biology of Bachelor Groups

If you are monitoring local whitetails during summer through the lenses of your binoculars, or through the lens of a trail-camera, you’ve probably seen what are known as “bachelor groups.” These are groups of bucks that travel together during the spring and summer and generally follow the same movement schedule of bedding and feeding. Bachelor …

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