Which Doe Should You Take?

The QDMA promotes harvesting an adequate number of does to keep deer populations in balance with available resources like forage and cover. This leads to a discussion of how many does to shoot, since “adequate” could mean a lot, a few, or no does at all, depending on the situation. Once an appropriate doe-harvest goal …

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10 Former Whitetail Hotties That Did Not Age Well

I hate clickbait headlines as much as you do, but I’m not above using them to get you to read this blog. Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint: I’m definitely going to show you some whitetail bucks that have not aged well, and there’s a serious point to be made with this collection of photos. When …

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Ask QDMA: What’s the Best Doe:Buck Ratio?

Jonathan Dendy of Tennessee sent in this Ask QDMA query: “I have a question about keeping a good doe:buck ratio. What is the ideal doe:buck ratio for my hunting area?” Kip Adams, a certified wildlife biologist and our Director of Education & Outreach, supplied an answer for Jonathan in the Facebook video shown below. There …

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Shed Antlers and Muddy Paws

You fall into one of these categories: You’ve heard of them, you’re interested in owning one, or you already have one. What am I talking about? Is it a new rifle or bow for deer hunting? Or maybe a chainsaw or drip torch for improving deer habitat? All of these are definitely important management tools, but …

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VIDEO: Put the Real Trophy on Display — The Jawbone

Antler size varies for bucks in every age class, so antlers don’t always tell the full story of your accomplishment when you kill a buck that is fully mature or meets your personal age-based goal. To show the complete achievement of your success, include the jawbone with your wall display.