Preview the Summer 2021 Issue of NDA’s “Quality Whitetails” magazine

The Summer 2021 issue of Quality Whitetails magazine is on the way to National Deer Association (NDA) members, featuring a cover photo by wildlife photographer Steve Gulledge. If you’re not a current member, you can join by July 20, 2021 and still receive this issue in a second mailing, plus a full year’s worth of great deer hunting and habitat management content. Here’s a preview of what NDA members are reading right now.

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Bowhunting the ’Burbs. Bruce Ingram of Virginia has hunted his state’s urban bowhunting season for 15 years and has had extreme success gathering venison in small suburban woodlands. This is a great opportunity for new and veteran bowhunters, and Bruce has tips on gaining permission, patterning deer, and even using the suburbs as a place to mentor new hunters.

Sorehead. In October 2018, a seriously wounded buck walked out in front wildlife photographer and author Tes Randle Jolly of Alabama. One antler was dangling loosely at the side of his swollen, bloodied head. Tes photographed the buck, thinking he’d be dead soon. But this turned out to be the beginning of the story of Sorehead.

Is Mowing Perennial Clover Really A Good Idea? Mark Turner, Bonner Powell and Dr. Craig Harper of the University of Tennessee put this common wisdom to the test with a thorough scientific study. They report on their full findings and what they suggest you do with that Bush Hog.

Love, Luck and a Couple of Bucks. Tom Walton and his wife Joddie are new to deer hunting. This is the story of how they teamed up to harvest their first bucks together on public land in their home state of Idaho.

The Greatest Natural Camo. There’s more to a fawn’s spot patterns than meets the eye. Dr. Marcus Lashley of the University of Florida along with co-authors from the Mississippi State Deer Lab share what they learned in their study of fawn spot patterns that could inform your deer management efforts.

Avoiding Aflatoxins in Deer Corn: Research by Miranda Huang of the MSU Deer Lab found aflatoxins at relatively low levels in samples of bagged and bulk corn sold for deer feed. But the fungi that cause this harmful toxin are found in nature, so corn left on the ground may eventually develop aflatoxins, especially in summer. Miranda shares her advice on how to prevent this problem.

Rogue Buck: Why did a GPS-collared Missouri buck travel 186 miles in 22 days, crossing 9 major highways and 7 rivers during the peak of the rut? Lindsay Thomas Jr. talked to Dr. Remington Moll of the University of New Hampshire to try to solve this mysterious incident.

Tracking and Predicting CWD’s Fickle Spread. We’re learning more about chronic wasting disease (CWD) that will help us fight this threat to wild deer, like the fact it doesn’t always travel in all directions equally. Patrick Durkin assembles new knowledge about the factors that speed or slow its spread.

Do You Know How to Use Pre-Emergence Herbicide? Most food-plotters use post-emergence herbicides that are applied to growing plants, but you may get better weed control with different approaches. Ryan Basinger explains your options and when they work best.

Plus: Field to Fork recipe for “Mustard-Fried Venison,” the 411 on fawns, the potential for a new CWD field test, a review of major policy wins at the federal level, “Age This!” buck, how to build a bridge to new and interested hunters, NDA mission updates, and more. 

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