Online Modules

Welcome to NDA’s series of Deer Steward Online Modules.  Through this platform, NDA offers multiple online modules covering topics ranging from antlers and aging deer to buck movement patterns, food plots, the whitetail rut, and more.  Each course covers a single subject, and the courses average 10 topics and 20 pages of reading on that subject.  Some courses also include video lessons in place of articles. 

How it Works

Each course is entirely web-based, and can be purchased by clicking on the associated link below.  Users will receive a link and password to access the materials for 90 days, thus they’ll have the flexibility to cover the materials as quickly or slowly as they desire.

NDA’s Individual Online Modules

  1. Aging Deer – this course has 12 topics including aging bucks on the hoof, jawbone aging, ground-truthing bucks, estimating deer age with cementum annuli, and more.  It includes 7 articles and 5 videos.
  2. Deer Antlers – this course has 11 topics including information on how antlers grow, why deer have antlers, culling, reasons for abnormal antlers, and more.  It includes 9 articles and 2 videos.
  3. Deer Home Range and Movement Patterns – this course has 10 topics including information on home range size by sex and age, how the moon affects deer movement, hunting strategies for bucks with split home ranges, current research on mature buck movements, and more.  It includes 8 articles and 2 videos.
  4. Whitetail Fawns – this course has 8 topics including fawn facts, fawn recruitment rates, how to improve fawning habitat, fawn predation, and more.  It includes 5 articles and 3 videos.
  5. Food Plots – this course has 18 topics including the difference between hunting and nutritional plots, how and what to plant, herbicide use, food plotting on a budget, and more.  It includes 12 articles and 6 videos.
  6. QDM and the NDA – this course has 9 topics including a complete description of quality deer management (QDM) and the National Deer Association (NDA), how QDM differs from other deer management strategies, the role of genetics in deer management, harvesting the right number of deer, and more.  It includes 7 articles and 2 videos.
  7. Whitetail Biology – this course has 13 topics including information on mature bucks, doe:buck ratios, how deer see,  how deer sleep, and more.  It includes 12 articles and 1 video.
  8. Whitetail Rut – this course has 10 topics including NDA’s guide to the whitetail rut, the moon’s impact on the rut, why the rut is so different in the South, which bucks get to breed, and more.  It includes 10 articles and no videos.

Package Deals

  1. Package 1 – Includes the QDM & NDA, Whitetail Biology and Whitetail Rut Modules.
  2. Package 2 – Includes the Aging Deer, Deer Antlers and Deer Home Range and Movement Patterns Modules.
  3. All Inclusive Package – Includes all eight Modules listed above.

Cost and Registration

Each online module is $19.95, or you may purchase a package of 3 modules for $49.95, or all eight modules for $99.95. To register call (800) 209-3337 or click on one of the course links above to order. In case of purchase for a gift, we can delay delivery and inform recipient whom it was gifted from.

If you have any questions regarding course content please contact:

Ben Westfall
NDA Conservation Coordinator
Phone: 251-753-3040