Tree Saddles: Watch Our Whitetail Weekend Seminar by Matt Dye and Adam Keith

Have you heard of tree saddles? Have you hunted out of one or thought about trying it? A lot of QDMA members are curious, so we invited Matt Dye and Adam Keith of Land & Legacy to speak at our Whitetail Weekend in early March 2020. The video above includes most of their full seminar at the event covering their thoughts on why and how to use tree saddles in your deer hunting, whether on public or private land.

Matt and Adam have come to use Tethrd tree saddles on many of their hunts, including those where they are filming each other.

“The saddle hunting game is really popular on public land, so you may look at it as a public land tool and probably not necessary for hunting private ground,” said Adam. “We hunt a lot of private ground, and with our consulting business we get a lot of questions from our clients. When a question keeps coming up, we need to know the answer to that, so we decided to get a few saddles and see what all the hype and buzz was about.”

“We were skeptical at first,” said Matt. “We were like, ‘That’s not gonna work, how is that gonna be comfortable?’ But then we just tried it. Today we’re gonna talk about the different features, how to set it up and how to utilize it when you’re hunting.”

Remember: Tree saddles still require stick ladders or other access routes to the height you wish to hunt, just like a normal platform stand. And, your harness should always remain attached to the tree or to a lifeline at all times when you are off the ground. Tethrd tree saddles come with a lineman’s belt for use in climbing, and you can also use a Hunter Safety System Lifeline for remaining connected at all times once you leave the ground.