VIDEO: For Better Food Plots, Adjust Your Disk Angles

Adjusting the cutting angle of the disks in your food plot implements can have a big impact on the results you get. Disks that are angled sharply against the direction you are pulling them will dig and cut more aggressively, while disks with a smaller angle will lightly chop or smooth the soil. Which is best? That depends on the situation, and both are useful under certain conditions. This QDMA video takes a look at when to use an aggressive angle and when to lighten it up.

Adjust Disk Angles for Better Food PlotsDo you ever change the angle of the disks in your food plot disk harrows? Here’s a look at how the different settings have an impact on seedbed preparation, seed coverage, and ultimately the success of your food plots.

Posted by The Quality Deer Management Association on Monday, August 22, 2016